About Doterra


Doterra is one of the leading essential oil making company in United States, it was founded in the year of 2008 with the help of some businessmen, health specialists and aromatherapists. Due to its immense success, they have also attained the honour of being named “America’s Best Employers” for two consecutive years in Forbes Magazine. Doterra was built with a dream of producing essential oils of such quality that people can buy without hesitating and regretting later. So for them, quality is one of the essentials that has to maintained at every cost, for this very reason Doterra started their own testing of the products and named it CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade), that ensured that the product obtained from any source is not adulterated by any kind of fillers or contaminants, which in turn could harm the consumer. Doterra takes the essential oil testing very seriously and this is the reason their professionalism have lead them to attain a higher rank in essential oil industry. Doterra has been able to not just only produce single essential oils but also they are actively involved in creating as many fusions of essential oils as they can thus creating an impactful result.


What are essential oils?

These are aromatic compounds that are obtained from naturally occurring plants, seeds, flower, non edible fruits etc through different processes, some of which include, distillation through steam, cold pressing, liquid-liquid extraction or solvent extraction etc.  Essential oils have been very beneficial in terms of health, their importance had been known from many years back and from that period, they have been part of the medicines as well. Even though, when now they are popular among many people, they are still not considered to be proven by scientists as officially that they are of any medicinal value. Although some studies do say that they have the ability to cure many of the diseases like respiratory, gastrointestinal problems, skin and hair problems, mental illnesses like anxiety, stress and depression, but they still come under the ‘alternative medicine’.


                                    Doterra Peace Essential Oil Review

Product Illustration

Just like the name Peace given to it, it has all those constituents that help in making an essential oil concoction to fight against all types depression for instance postpartum depression, anxiety and stress (Post traumatic Stress Disorder). Those constituents include Vetiver root, Lavender and Ylang Ylang flower, Frankincense resin, Clary sage flower, Marjoram leaf, Labdanum leaf, and spearmint herb. They all combine together to form a fruity and vibrant scent.



  1. The fragrance of Doterra Peace is full of tranquility, that helps in gaining back the self control over yourselves,
  2. Since its scent is so rich and impressive, it can be used for carrying out aromatherapy sessions in-house alone or with your family, and help in creating a positive environment overall.
  3.  Doterra Peace essential oil assists in withstanding any of those dreadful situations that comes with depression and anxiety, you can always carry with you anywhere, and rub it in your hands, in such situations.
  4. Doterra Peace essential oil also helps an unsettled baby and calm it up with a massage with it.


Application methods

  1. Add few drops in diffuser and do aromatherapy with it.
  2. You can carry out a massage of any specific area that is affected but make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil.


Word of Caution

Always keep the bottle away from children and pets. People with grave health conditions and women who are pregnant are always advised by us to firstly check it out with your personal doctor. Sensitive areas like eyes and mucous membranes should be avoided.