What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile compounds that are derived from plant sources through methods such as cold press, solvent extraction, steam distillation etc.they have a distinctive scent that is now being used as a form of aromatherapy for medicinal purposes. Essential oils have been considered important from olden times, they have been used by many chemists in their medicines. Although this field of medicine is still not fully considered to be proven but studies have been conducted and many research papers have concluded that most of the essential oils have healing powers and can be used to cure most of the diseases some of them include, hypertension, skin and hair related problems, small injuries, gastrointestinal, respiratory problems and mental illnesses such as depression especially postpartum depression, anxiety, stress such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been cured by essential oils.


                                                   About Majestic Pure


Majestic Pure has their main office set in California, their goal is simply to provide their customers the best of their products naturally obtained and keep the impurities out of it. Their company is based on small scale and is still young but it is thriving hard to a reach a position among other competitors. All their products are acquired without harming any animals in the process of obtaining essential oils, thus they are 100% cruelty free.

                     Majestic Pure Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Review


 The botanical name of Roman chamomile is Chamaemelum nobile, it originally belongs from North America, Europe and is also found in a South American country Argentina. Their petals resemble a lot like Daisy and they are perennial plants that die after living for small time (at least more than 2 years).


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Majestic Pure Roman Chamomile essential oil is another one of the essential oils that are considered best for depression and anxiety. Their scent is a lot like apple, and sweetened at the same time. Chamomile essential oil can be used for making herbal teas, tinctures and are compatible enough to be used with other essential oils like Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Clary sage, Lemon and Patchouli leaves.



  1. Roman Chamomile essential oil has always been famous as a means of calming a stressed mind.
  2. In order to relax your mind and relieves yourselves from every bit of tension and anxiety, Roman chamomile work wonders.
  3. Roman chamomile essential oil assists in fighting against depression and helps in calming the emotions down.
  4. It is considered very helpful for skin discolourations, and they make hair healthier as well due to their anti-dandruff property
  5. It also helps calming a distressed baby.


Application methods

  • It can be added in a diffuser, to set a positive and relaxing environment and an aromatherapy session can be started.
  • It can be added in shampoos and in making herbal teas.
  • A massage therapy can be done, ensuring that the essential oil is diluted with a carrier oil.



Always make sure to keep it away from children and also pets. Keep it in dark, shady places. And for people with serious medical issues, and women who are pregnant, please consult your personal physician before you start using these products.